Protocols that Employees at Tawfeer Supermarket Follow to Assure Complete Safety

Tawfeer Supermarket is pleased to announce that it welcomes all customers at its stores under strict COVID-19 regulations for its staff and clients' safety.

Like all other frontline services that face the constant risk of being exposed to the virus, we do everything to protect and ensure the safety of our esteemed employees and loyal customers.

To mitigate the spread of the virus at our stores, we wish to assure the public that our employees are required to follow several protocols for their safety and the public's safety:

• Proper wearing of masks at all times

• Daily screening and temperature checks

• Report immediately if feeling unwell or if they observe any co-workers feeling unwell

• Any employee identified as being unwell with suspected Covid-19 symptoms is required to stop work and get tested immediately

• During the period between testing and getting results, the employee will be required to STAY AWAY FROM WORK IMMEDIATELY

• If the test result is positive, the employee is required to immediately follow quarantine protocol as prescribed by the relevant medical institution/ health care professional and MOH

• Any employee who would have been in contact with a COVID positive employee is required to follow all protocols as advised by medical institution/ health care professional and MOH

We follow all the protocols requested by the Ministry of Health upon discovering any Covid-19 positive cases at our stores and continue to enforce our robust sanitization protocols, including complete nightly sanitization of all stores.

While these are pretty challenging times for us, we continue to protect our exceptional employees and faithful customers while keeping our doors open to continue serving our country's citizens throughout this very dangerous pandemic. "Your safety is our number one priority at this time, and we look forward to receiving your support and understanding as we work together to overcome this unparalleled threat," says Mr. Rami Bitar, CEO of Tawfeer Supermarkets.

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